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Bring Your Own Device Classroom Teacher’s Guide

What is “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD?

Bring your own device means that students and teacher can bring in electronic devices for use in the classroom. This could be a notebook/laptop, cell phone, tablet, or any other electronic device.

Do I have to allow students to use their own device?

No. It is up to the classroom teacher to decide whether or not to allow students to use their own devices and what the classroom rules are.

What are my biggest concerns as a teacher with “Bring Your Own Device?”

  1. A.     Security
  •  Digital Citizenship is basic etiquette or reasonable conduct that when using a computer in a public place. A basic conversation about social etiquette on the computer is appropriate.
  • Any embarrassing topics, personal information or controversial subjects should not be goggled during class. Since students have his or her personal device the conversation has to be more detailed.
  • Students who come into school with his or her own device might have files or previous internet history that might not be acceptable for school.
  • Students might also take videos with an iPhone or an iPad that might be total fine outside the classroom but a distraction during class.
  • Let them know they are responsible for whatever is on his or her home personal device while in school. It would be a good idea to tell them to delete or remove anything of questionable value.
  1. B.      Classroom Management
  • When you start a BYOD in your classroom you need a policy or rules. It is the same exact concept as when you tell students on the first day of class what your classroom rules are.
  • First tell them what a laptop or cell phone can be used for.
  • Make a list of simple guidelines. Next make guidelines for what not to do during class. That is already and Acceptable Use Policy for Chelmsford Public Schools.
  • As a teacher you can decide on what days your students can and cannot use their own device. Your police should list what activities in class the device is going to be used for.
  • Students and teachers should aware of Chelmsford Public Schools Acceptable User Policy. The policy can be found on the Chelmsford Public Schools website under technology.
  1. C.      Troubleshooting the Device
  • Most students that have a laptop, iPhone, iPad, know how to use the device. We can give basic directions about how to connect to the internet. However, we cannot support countless different devices. Allow students to troubleshoot and fix her or her own device. If they cannot they can allow a friend to help them.
  • You have to make alternate arrangements to print student’s work. You cannot print to the network as of now with home devices. Students can save work to the X2 student locker, a flash drive, or to an email accounts and then open assignments on a school owned computer to print. Then the students can print his or her work.

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