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MS Word 2010

The biggest change with MS Office 2010 is Backstage. This is a big improvement in many areas but something new for all of us to learn.

Backstage video 1

MS Word 2010 backstage 1 from John OSullivan on Vimeo.

MS Word 2010 Back Stage Video 2

MS Word 2010 backstage 2 from John OSullivan on Vimeo.

The next big change in MS Office 2010 and MS Word 2010 is the ribbon. In the past we used a menu with drop down windows. The ribbon uses icon to label each feature. It does make somethings better but takes time to get used too. The following videos show all the basic features of the ribbon. You should take time to get used to the new ribbon so that you can find everything in MS Word.

MS Office 2010 Ribbon

MS Word 2010 tabs from John OSullivan on Vimeo.

MS Word 2010 Templates

MS Word 2010 Templates from John OSullivan on Vimeo.

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